PM's Office Back


Designation Name Pay Scale Telephone
Adviser to PM Shri TKA Nair MOS Rank 23014844
National Security Adviser Shri Shivshankar Menon MOS Rank 23019227
Principal Secretary to PM Shri Pulok Chatterji Rs. 90000      23013040
Secretary to PM Shri R. Ramanujam Rs. 80000  23010838
Communications Adviser to PM Shri Pankaj Pachauri Rs. 67000- 79000 23016920
Addl. Secretary to PM Shri Shatrughna Singh Rs. 67000- 79000 23017676
Joint Secretary to PM Shri B.V.R. Subrahmanyam Rs. 37400- 67000 Grade Pay- 10000 23013024
  Shri Jawed Ashraf   23016308
  Smt. Anu Garg   23793308
  Shri Dheeraj Gupta     23015944
Private Secretary to PM Shri Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi Rs. 37400- 67000 Grade Pay- 10000 23012312
  Shri Vikram Misri   23012312
OSD to PM Shri K Muthu Kumar Rs. 37400- 67000 Grade Pay- 10000 23012815
Director Shri Munu Mahawar Rs. 37400- 67000 Grade Pay- 8700 23010849
  Shri Arindam Bagchi   23793404
  Shri Rajeev Topno   23014547
  Dr. Sharmila M Joseph K   23018485
  Shri Krishan Kumar   23017442
  Shri Shakil P. Ahammed   23012613
  Shri Binoy Job     23014208
  Shri Gourangalal Das   23013586
  Shri V. Sheshadri   23013485
  Shri Santosh D. Vaidya   23017367
Deputy Secretary (Parl.) Shri Mehar Chand Jhamb Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 7600 23017530
Deputy Secretary Shri Syed Ekram Rizwi Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 7600 23074072
Joint Director (OL)  Shri B P Roy Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 7600 23015236
Under Secretary (Funds) Shri P K Bali Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 6600 23013683
Under Secretary (Public) Shri K Salil Kumar Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 6600 23386447
Under Secretary (Admn.) Ms. R Mythili Rs. 15600- 39100 Grade Pay- 6600 23018130

Fax Numbers : (011) - 23016857, 23019545

हिन्दी में


Secretary/AS/JS Ministries/Departments/Subjects States Assisted by
R Ramanujam, Secretary to PM Cabinet Secretariat and ACC, Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions,  Anti-Corruption Unit, Law and Justice, Thrust Areas of Government, NAC, Delivery Monitoring Unit, Computerisation of PMO   Dheeraj Gupta,
Joint Secretary
Shatrughna Singh,
Addl. Secy.
Home Affairs, Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations, PMO Public Wing, DoNER J&K, UTs,  Jharkhand, NE States  Rajeev Topno,
Power, Mines, Coal, MNRE, Steel, Environment & Forests, PM's Council on Climate Change, PM Funds (incl. PM's Discretionary Fund), Urban Development, Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Madhya Pradesh, Goa Santosh D. Vaidya,
Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking Water & Sanitation, Textiles Karnataka V. Sheshadri,
Parliamentary Affairs, Monitoring of announcements by PM Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand Krishan Kumar,
Science and Technology, Earth Sciences   Gourangalal Das,
Parliament Work   M C Jhamb,
Deputy Secretary
RTI Matters   Appellate Authority Krishan Kumar,  Director/ Syed Ekram Rizwi, Deputy Secretary, CPIO
B.V.R. Subrahmanyam, 
Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Commerce & Industry, MSME, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Planning Commission Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan V. Sheshadri,
Finance, Trade & Economic Relations Committee, Infrastructure Committee, PM's Economic Advisory Council, Corporate Affairs   Sharmila Joseph Mary,
Statistics & Programme Implementation Maharashtra Shakil P. Ahammed,
Communications & IT   Rajeev Topno, 
Shipping, Road Transport & Highways, Railways, Civil Aviation Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh  Krishan Kumar,
Jawed Ashraf,
External Affairs   Arindam Bagchi, 
Munu Mahawar,
Gourangalal Das,
Space, Atomic Energy   Arindam Bagchi, 
Defence, Overseas Indian Affairs   Munu Mahawar,
NSCS, NTRO   Gourangalal Das,
Anu Garg, 
Women & Child Development, Tourism, Culture, PM's National Council on Nutrition, Social Justice & Empowerment, Tribal Affairs, Minority Affairs  Kerala, Odisha, Chattisgarh Sharmila Joseph Mary,
Youth Affairs & Sports   Rajeev Topno,
Chemicals & Fertilizers, Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Food Processing Industries, Water Resources   Krishan Kumar,
Health & Family Welfare, Human Resource Development, Information & Broadcasting, Labour & Employment, PM's Council on Skill Development Tamil Nadu, West Bengal Shakil P. Ahammed,
Dheeraj Gupta, 
Administration   Rajeev Topno,
PMO Security   K. L. Dhingra,

-  The work relating to PMO website/press releases will be handled by Shri K Muthu Kumar, OSD who will report to Communications Adviser.

-  Dir(G) will also be Staff Officer to National Security Adviser.

-  The work relating to PM's Messages will be handled by Shri Binoy Job, Dir(B) who will report to Communications Adviser.

-  Sectoral Officers : E&S.I - Dir(V); E&S.II - Dir(S); and Political Section - Dir(T).

Information under section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005

Following are the frequently asked questions to PMO under Right to Information Act 2005:-
Details of expenses incurred on Air Travel in respect of foreign visits of Hon'ble Prime Minister from May 2004 to October 2013.

Pay and Other Allowances of the Prime Minister [As on 31.07.2013] 

No. of sanctioned posts, filled in and vacancy position in PMO [As on 15.07.2013]

Name, Designation and Emoluments of PMO Officials [As on 31.07.2013]

Sections of PMO- work allocation and telephone numbers.  

Budget (head-wise) of PMO.

Monthly Expenditure.

List of officers/officials who have submitted their annual property returns [IPR].
[Year 2009]
[Year 2010] 
[Year 2011]
[Year 2012] 
Officers Immovable Property Returns [IPR].
[Shri T.K.A. Nair, Adviser to PM (earlier Prl. Secy.) - Year 2004 - 2010]
[Shri T.K.A. Nair, Adviser to PM (As on 31.12.2012)]
[Shri Pulok Chatterji, Principal Secretary to PM - Year 2011]
[Shri Pulok Chatterji, Principal Secretary to PM - Year 2012] 
[Shri Shiv Shankar Menon, NSA - Year 2010 and 2011]
[Shri Shiv Shankar Menon, NSA (As on 31.12.2012)]

[Shri Pankaj Pachauri, Communications Adviser (As on 31.12.2012)]
Official Tours of PMO Officers.
[January 2012]
[February 2012]
[March 2012] 

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