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May 29, 2012
On Board AI-1

PM- Unfortunate that irresponsible allegations are being made without confirming facts

“There have been reports about the allocation of coal blocks based on leaked portions of a draft report on the issue. We have also recieved a letter on the same ssubject. The Coal Minister has given factual details in response to these allegations and the Coal Ministry has put up all the information on its website (on May 17th). We have not yet received the CAG report. When we do, the Government will submit its detailed factual response before the Public Accounts Committee as per Constitutional prodedure. Uninformed allegations and disscussins based on leaked drafts are unfortunate.

It is unfortunate that irresponsible allegations are being made without confirming the facts.

Bharat ki janta iss baat ka faisla kaare ki kya kasoor kiya hai Pradhan Mantri ne jo ki itne kathin aur kathor shabd unkey liye istemaal kiye jaa rahen hain. Agar mainey koi beimaani kee baat kee hai to mera tamam public career, chahe vo Finance Minister, chahe Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, chahe Prime Minister ho- is an open book. Koi bhee agar issmein ilzaam lagata hai to uski pushti karayen. Aur agar usmein jara bhee sach nikalata hai to main– I will give up my public career and country can give me any punishment. But to use such words which are being used without reason or rhyme, I think the public of India should make up its mind to whether this sort of politics should rule the roost in the country”.